Communication & Training


SOP's, work instructions, in-house training, and industry sponsored courses are all an integral part of International HealthCare's (IHC) training program. Our program provides the foundation and advanced training required to conduct compliant clinical trials. Our staff's training is continuous which benefits the clinical process as well as the integrity of the data. IHC values the importance of skill development through documentation, training and experience. Our training program is designed to deliver smooth running clinical trials that are compliant with good clinical practices and all ICH and FDA guidelines.


International HealthCare (IHC) employs evolving monitoring methods and technological capabilities, including online communications technology that allows the client to be an integral part of the clinical trial process every step of the way. This technology provides interactive Web conferencing that is immediate between the client, IHC, and the clinical site staff.  The client can also obtain real-time access to monitoring reports via our secured website.

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 Added value…without added expense:

 International HealthCare utilizes online communication systems such as WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams:

  • Allows multiple locations to spontaneously meet and communicate on demand
  • Facilitates online and on-site training of staff, preventing interruption and delay at every stage of the clinical trial
  • Fosters enhanced collaboration between the sponsor, sites, and IHC monitors
  • Enables the recording of online meetings/training sessions for absentees or future reference which:
    • prevents miscommunication by allowing site personnel multiple reviews of new study guidelines and new product safety information
    • documents critical communication by creating a recorded audit trail
  • Ensures excellent client service
  • Augments all other conventional means of communication & on-site monitoring
  • Is vital to the success of multi-site and multi-national clinical trials

The Results:

Lower Study Cost ~ Faster Study Completion ~ Fewer Data Queries ~ Higher Data Integrity